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Hair by Sherri is Open For Business

As a beauty professional working in a private salon suite, I have the advantage of being able to maintain a more isolated and sanitized zone.


Also, the Beauty District has assured me that they are ramping up their cleaning protocols to keep us safe and open for business.


Here’s what I’m doing to help keep you safe:


  • I'm thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the station, chair, shampoo bowl and all other implements that have been touched after each and every client.


  • I'm using clean and fresh capes and towels on each and every client.


  • I'm wearing a face mask.


  • I'm washing my hands after every client.


  • I'm asking every client to use the sanitizing gel before sitting in my chair.


  • I'm only taking one person into my salon at a time to ensure the most sanitation and care.


  • I have removed all magazines from my suite.


Here’s what you'll need to do to help keep me safe:


  • Masks will now be required for your appointment. If you arrive without a mask, you may purchase one from me while supplies last.


  • Stay in your car and text me when you arrive. I will reply once I have finished disinfecting my suite from my previous guest. I will then meet you at the back door and bring you inside.


  • Please do not bring any other people with you to your appointment, they will not be allowed in. (An exception will be made for those guests that need assistance getting around.)


  • Reminder, if you have any symptoms or have been around anyone who is or has been ill, please reschedule your appointment.


Together, we can make your appointment a safe and relaxing experience!

You will receive a notification from me once your appointment is confirmed.

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